Legan Livestock and Grain

We at Legan Livestock & Grain are very passionate about conservation of our natural resources. The soil and water we use needs to be returned to the earth in as good or better shape as when we started using it.

We have been using a no-till system of raising corn and soybeans for many years on our farm. In this system the soil is disturbed as little as possible during the year to allow the natural tilth and structure to return to the soil. Earthworms are a vital part of no-till as they create tunnels for water percolation and roots to travel through. Corn or soybeans are planted into last year’s remaining crop residue. The residue acts as a water retaining mulch to help the seeds germinate and as organic matter to build the soil.

We also believe in the importance of keeping the fields covered in the cold months by planting Cover crops in the fall. Oil seed radish, annual rye grass, canola, wheat, barley and crimson clover are a few of the cover crops we have tried in the past few years. Cover crops use extra nitrogen left in the soil so it is not washed away by the rain. They also build the soil by adding organic matter as they die. Their long roots help break up any compaction layers left from past years of plowing and disking.