Legan Livestock and Grain

Legan Livestock and Grain is a family farm, raising pigs and crops, located in Putnam County, Indiana. Mark and Phyllis Legan began raising pigs and crops as first generation farmers in January of 1989. In 2010 the Legan’s daughter Beth and her husband Nick Tharp joined the family farm.  In order to stay competitive in the pork industry, the farm has grown steadily over the past 23 years. This family farm now raises several thousand weaned pigs a year as well as corn to feed the sows and soybeans to sell. 

As a family, we are all very passionate about our role of producing food for the world. We realize this is a long term commitment, and have chosen to utilize responsible and sustainable agricultural practices on our farm. Every day is viewed as an opportunity to improve family, employee and community wellness.  

We believe God has called us to be a part of a noble profession. We realize without His guidance and alliances formed with others, we would not be able to carry out our work. It has been through relationships with others that we are able to do what we do today. We are grateful for the opportunities we have been given.

Our family could not do all of this alone, and we are very thankful for our employees. We and our employees are committed to producing safe food for consumers worldwide, providing the best care possible for our animals, and safe guarding our natural resources in all of our practices. We are all proud to be a part of our local community and to contribute to a better quality of life. We work hard to stay abreast of new technologies and continually try to improve our production practices.



These are the fundamental beliefs of our company, forming the foundation upon which we operate.


Doing what is right when no one is looking
Good character



Work smart and hard
Be better tomorrow than today
Willing to try new things
Learn from our mistakes
Moving forward


Mark and Phyllis Legan are the founders of Legan Livestock & Grain, Inc. Mark and Phyllis are both 1982 graduates of Purdue University. After graduating from college, Mark served as an Extension Agent for seven years and Phyllis as a substitute teacher. Although neither Mark nor Phyllis came from a production agriculture background, they decided to pursue farming as a career.

In January of 1989, they began farming in partnership with the Ames 4-K Farms of Putnam County Indiana with 180 sow farrow to finish operation. Our family with be forever indebted to the opportunities the Ames family and others have given us over the years.

Over time new opportunities presented and Mark and Phyllis acquired what is now the farm headquarters from the late Wally Parker. Upon acquisition 250 sows were housed outside on dirt lots. The family decided that in order to stay competitive in the industry and to better the welfare for their sows, they should be brought inside. In 1997, the herd was repopulated and a new gestation and farrowing barn was built.

In 2010, after graduating from Purdue Legan’s daughter Beth and her husband Nick joined the family farm and are now joint owners of Legan Livestock & Grain.

Through continued growth the Legan’s and Tharp’s have chosen to focus their efforts on improving the soil of our and our landlord’s land and caring for sows. Beginning in 2012, the family has formed partnerships with other family farms across Indiana to raise additional pigs.



The vision of Legan Livestock and Grain is to be a sustainable, efficient and profitable producer of food products, specializing in pork, for global consumers. Production practices will emphasize environmental stewardship, animal care and food safety, while improving family, employee and community wellness.


We consider ourselves blessed to have grown in the community in which our business is located. We place a high priority in serving and giving back to our communities. We feel by being involved we can do our part to improve the future for our community. Each of our family members are active in our local community holding leadership roles on boards and our church.

Organizations Supported:

  • Local 4H
  • Volunteer rural fire department
  • Local school activities & clubs
  • Local economic development
  • Local youth development

  • Purdue Farm Management Tour
  • Indiana Prairie Farmer: Master Farmer (Mark Legan)
  • The White House: Champion of Change, Future of American Agriculture (Beth Tharp)
  • Purdue University Department of Agriculture: Outstanding Alumni (Mark Legan)
  • Conservation Legacy Award (Mark & Phyllis Legan)
  • National Association of Conservation Districts Tour Host
  • 2016 River-Friendly Farm Award (Mark & Phyllis Legan)

Please enjoy a copy of our company newsletters made available for download in PDF format. 

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